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Whats the best place for downloading music cheap so i can make up my own c.ds for my car?

6-bearshare.comWhats the best place for downloading music cheap so i can make up my own c.ds for my car?
I have MP3 Rocket and it works well for 29.95 a year of unlimited music downloads. It also has some TV and radio station functionality but I haven't messed with that very much as I just look for music but it works great.Whats the best place for downloading music cheap so i can make up my own c.ds for my car?
MP3 Rocket. There is a one off fee, then when you download it goes to whichever player you have. iTunes or Windows Media Player, then you can record to your hearts content.
Cheap - Do it for FREE!!!

Take some of the best and FREE RnB mixes/Soulful/Hip Hop

from your own DJ.

Well that is what it feels like with CJ's downlaods...

Go to:-
Was unable to use limewire on new computer so was advised to try Frostwire. exactly the same format as limewire and really good.
I get mine from No subscription fee, wmas are 88c and mp3s are 94c I think, and you can also download whole albums. It's fast and really easy to use.
Download lime wire it brill i make lots of my own cds aswell when u download it it will give u the instructions .
Limewire is really good.
Limewire is free so you should use that or have a look on
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  • Why is it that whenever crackwhores make enough money to afford decent make-up, a shower, and a cheap digital?

    camera, they immediately come on YA and post an ';Am I pretty?'; question?Why is it that whenever crackwhores make enough money to afford decent make-up, a shower, and a cheap digital?
    you never frikken answered me!! am I pretty or not??Why is it that whenever crackwhores make enough money to afford decent make-up, a shower, and a cheap digital?
    LMAO!!!!!! U just made my day!

    I am so sick of am I pretty hell WTF do I care? That is what I want to say...but I just never answer that stupid Q!

    Now I know who they are...I will no longer give a buck to any of them on the street!!!!!

    I to love animals and raised a I think we are ok!!!!

    Hey am I pretty....close to getting best answer? LOL!!!!
    Now that you've peaked my interest, can you post any links to these so called crackwhores?

    Friday night is just around the corner and I'm looking for a sure thing!
    I know right.

    It kinda makes me want to gage my self with double edged razor blades.

    and dance the polka on a midgets face.

    but that's just me


    how do you make a dead baby float?

    take your foot of its face
    Like the answer and I'm so glad you are nice to animals that have grown up, as is The Cats case. He purrrrrs for you.
    Yes dear, you are pretty. And you can have the camera back when I'm done sending pics to the late night Animal Planet for Adult Kitties channel.
    That is how they were told to communicate by their alien leaders before they departed their home-world. I guess certain things just get lost in translation.
    am i pretty?

    I really thought I was looking good it had been 5 weeks since my last shower (eyes welling with tears) Sob! Why can't you just be nice!

    Did you see my watch? It lights up.
    validation the poor things
    Grundle makes me wish I was a woman.
    Great answer :)

    in need of self esteem? damn crackwhores!
    Guido has never loved you more...
    Can I use that?
    they feel bad bout their selfesteem because what they have done!

    give em a lick!
    Quit smack talkin' my sister in-law.
    wow did someone not have a good night last night?!

    Where can I purchase a ';roll-up'; mirror? How can I make a large framed mirror for cheap?

    hmm, don't think I've seen a roll-up mirror. Maybe mylar but it's not that reflective. As for the large framed mirror, purchase mirror tiles and adhear to a board backing. Frame with garage sale or flea market frame......better start with the frame first which means you may have to cut the mirro tiles. Then again you can make your own the flea market/thrift store search and keep your mind open, but please, no toilet seat frames.Where can I purchase a ';roll-up'; mirror? How can I make a large framed mirror for cheap?
    If I understand right, these guys have your answer:

    They sell metalized Mylar sheet in what must be rolls. For example: 1/2 mil, 4 feet by 25 feet $8. The site even has instructions for framing to make mirrors. (That's a lot of mirrors!)

    I expect shipping to be more than the material; it might be better to ask them to point to your local retailer (art and hobby supplier?).

    How do I make up for being cheap?


    I have had a boyfriend for a year now and recently his cousin has asked for something from my mom's shop which costs 86$. My mom has kept reminding me to ask him for the money. Well I gave him the item he asked me how much he owes me and I said ';86 but ill ask my mom for sure how much). 2 hours later my boyfriend called me and got angry with me for asking for his money. His cousin has always treated me when all three of us go out. Now I realize that he's probably spent 86$ times ten on me and I don't know why I didn't think of it when he asked me how much he owes. I shouldn't have asked him for anything but now it's done and i feel like I seem so cheap. I heard he is upset that i said he owes me. I am a generous person but I guess I got preoccupied with my moms money before thinking sensibly/What should I do to make it up??Please help!!!How do I make up for being cheap?
    Call him and explain to him the truth that he doesn't owe anything and that you really appreciate all that's he's done for you and if you want take him to lunch.How do I make up for being cheap?
    While it definitely sounds cheap, It was your Mom's request not yours. Some how relate that message back to your BF and cousin, and maybe take them out to a movie or something to make up. If you don't have the money ask your Mom if you can cook for them and maybe have a movie night at your house.
    first off explain that he doesn't owe you but your mom there is a difference he took you out to dinner or treated whatever it was it was you not your mom he took out right i don't think its being cheap explain he owes your mom and not you shes running a business if your man cant understand that then i cant help you
    Don't ever ask him about it again... If he brings it up, tell him ';Hey I was just kidding... you mean you really thought I was asking the money back? Of coz not..'; and laugh it out... explain this to your boyfren too.. such things do happen.. it's ok.. don't feel too bad...
    Never borrow money, its wrong.
    Business is business and treating is exactly that treating. I think he is cheap to expect or imply that you have offended him or attempt to make you feel guilty for handling business. If it was your item you can do with it as you please, but considering your mother is selling this thing, you have an obligation to protect her and her business. You are not cheap. Don't feel guilty. In the future don't allow this person to treat you considering it isn't treating when you want something or a favor in return, that is called trading.
    This is such a tricky situation, but remember, it wasn't u that was asking for the money, it was for your MUM'S shop! So technically, the item wasn't urs to give away, it was your mum that was due the money for it. Ok, you weren't thinking at the time, and prob shud've paid for it out of your own pocket and given your own money to your mum, but you obviously can't do that now or it would look bad. The question is, why do u allow your boyfriend's cousin to treat you, and have no problem accepting his generosity when you don't return the favour?

    Best eye make up remover? (can be expensive or cheap)?

    I need a really good eye make up remover that gets rid of black eye liner without needing to rub the eyes much. It can be an expensive or a cheap one, as long as it works. Which eye make up remover can you recommend?Best eye make up remover? (can be expensive or cheap)?
    YSL It Is greatBest eye make up remover? (can be expensive or cheap)?
    johnsons gentle for your skin either makeup remover or eye remover x
    Best eye make-up remover i have ever used was Estee Lauder's make-up remover. You don't have to use a lot of it and it removes waterproof mascara within a sec. It was given to me as a gift so i don't have the price.:)
    clinique is one of the best brands for eye make-up remover.

    i'm not sure what its called, but it comes in a blue bottle.

    all you do is pour a small amount onto a cotton pad, wipe it over the, roll down over lashes, and then rinse off thoroughly

    i think its around 拢15, but its well worth it.

    i think it contains anti-ageing properties as well, but don't hold me to that, i just heard it!!!

    hope i helped xx
    On the cheaper side- I have used baby oil on a cotton ball and that works, leaves your eyes oily but takes make up right off. so as long as your washing your face after then your set.

    To go and buy a eye makeup remover I would recommend the Mary Kay remover- it is awesome. You use it with a cotton ball as well with no oily residue and works great even with water proof mascara. It only cost about $15 you just need to find a Mary Kay representative and ask for it. Im sure you can find a representative in your area just go online to

    Hope this helps and Good Luck!
    i think boots cucumber wipes or the sensitive ones of you have senstive skin actually they might be best for your eyes they are cheap and work wonders for your skin xxxxx
    I've always used mineral oil.
    Simple eye make-up remover wipes or wash.

    It won't irritate your skin which is good =D

    Pretty cheap too.
    Simple Make-up Remover Wipes. There are loads of different types for different skin and uses. Trust me, they're great. :D x
    Baby wipes are good for the cheaper side but th ULTIMATE best makeup remover is MAC makeup wipes but there a bit pricey another one is MAC eye makeup remover which is cheaper than the wipes! I hope I helpt

    think its about 拢3
    baby wipes, trust me
    Baby wipes are actually VERY damaging to your delicate eye area. They easily clog the smaller pores around your eyes, and the molecules are too big to be absorbed, so they get trapped causing Milia. The rough chemicals speed up the aging process as well!

    I personally use the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towlettes, which I absolutely love! Black eyeliner is part of my everyday look (I line my waterline, my tightline, and right above my lashes) and the Neutrogena wipes take it and all my other makeup off so easily! It doesn't bother my eyes at all.
    This eye makeup remover is great and very gentle;_trksid=p4634.c0.m14.l1262%26amp;_trkparms=|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A30

    Here is the store link:
    garnier gentle eye cleansing fluid

    or suprisingly, olive oil!

    removes EVERYTHING

    no smudging

    and hydrates eye area

    hope i helped
    Estee Lauder Eye Makeup Remover .

    I use it all the time , your eyeliner or whatever looks like it wasn't even there to begin with ! You can get it at places like Macy's (:
    a little bit of baby oil on cotton wool melts the make up away :) and it lasts for ages coz you only need tiny bit.

    Cheap band tees and make up.


    so i wear the band tees, graphic tees and such.

    i need ideas as to where to get the best ones for the cheapest.

    i find $20 for one shirt a little much.

    and vibrant makeup that actually works, for lower price.

    thanks for the help.

    XDCheap band tees and make up.
    wetseal, charlotte russe, rue21, forever21, pink icing.

    loveee them.

    and try longs for makeup. or go to or google ';e.l.f.';Cheap band tees and make up.
    Hot topic is cheap with the make up but shirts no unless you get the stuff thats on sale..
    hot topic

    Wat is the best kind of make-up should i buy and cheap?

    I have tried lots of make up through the years, and I prefer a good liquid make up, usually Cover girl, and max factor, even maybeline is good. When it comes to eyeliner and lipstick, believe it or not, I like wet and wild! It is so cheap, but I love the colors of the lipsticks, and the eyeliner is hard to beat if you like liquid liner! Even the nail polish they sell is pretty, Ive gotten lots of compliments on it, and no one knows what I paid!!Wat is the best kind of make-up should i buy and cheap?
    Honestly, you might want to splurge and buy the nice stuff. because you will go through multiple crappy eyeshadows that do nothing for you. My fav brand is mac... save up and spend the 14 on an eyeshadow.. I even use there eyeshadow for eyeliner...

    You can get cheap brushes SOMETIMES at sephora... I got mine there for 26 for 6.....

    Enjoy =]Wat is the best kind of make-up should i buy and cheap?
    Hip by L'Oreal
    the best make up would be at sephora

    its not cheap but it last a long time and it doesnt mess up ur face like other brands do its soo worth it
    MAC is not expensive compared to some other make-up lines at department stores.
    not to sound cheap but this is some cheap make up but its nice and affortable go to some type of drug store likr walgreens or longs drugs and they usally have a whole 3 to 4 asslies of nothing but cheap but cute abd affortable make up.
    there's this british line called rimmel and you can find it at wal-mart and some pharmacies, it's pretty good quality.

    i looooove the new eyeshadows from max factor, as well.
    are you talking bout brands..if say enough for a good brand of make up.
    You're not going to get the best kind of make-up if you want cheap. As the old saying goes ';you get what you pay for.';
    Mary Kay off of EBAY...

    Same great product for a MUCH better price!
    Here is a reference for makeup that makes the TOP3 best list.
    Revews about top ten brands of Mascara, Concealer, Lipstic, Foundations etc....

    X'mas offers, Gift certificates etc..

    You can purchase your favorite brand beauty products...visit ---
    I love Loreal True Match its not expensive its like 6 or 7 bucks a bottle and it works great!
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